On Kente Weaving …

Threading knots of the past

Looming the yarn of tradition and aspiration

The miscellany of colors –

Different, yet one,

The intricacy of the pattern

We have always known, never seen.


As kids we saw

Grandma wear it in elegance

And Papa wrap it with grace

And they told us


“The thread-maker has always been God

He gives us the yarn

The different threads of life

The intricacy of the pattern,

We have always known, never seen”


Kente has always been


Kente is

Always beautiful.

Kente will always be

Legendary Gold.


~Metty Markwei

© PoeTori Inc. 2012

Copyright. All trights reserved.


*Kente is one of the national cloth patterns of Ghana and some other parts of West Africa. It is wove from different colors of thread and has become a valued national symbol, source of pride and heritage.


13 thoughts on “On Kente Weaving …

  1. Hi there, I love this! My parents are from Ghana though I am based in England. Are you based in Ghana? Thanks for the follow also! Please, please spread the word about my Blog to your friends and those around you-I should be getting some more interesting features coming up, and do check out my “About” page for all the articles I’ve written! Louise x

  2. Great getting to know about your blog. Greater, too, this poem about a cloth that we all love throughout Africa. In a way, Ms. Markwei, the Kente is a distant relation of (S.W. Nigeria)-Yoruba Aso Oke although the Kente looks more intricate. Both are wonderful products of our Motherland. My blog also showcases the Aso Oke from time to time and it has proved very popular with readers.

    Please keep it up, and best of luck in your studies.

  3. African with every sense… sounds like the Kitenge from East Africa…. like the imagery… and thanks also for visiting me… without that, i would not have found your site

  4. Love you poem and pics of Kente. spent time in Ghana in 1981 and the only “souvenir” that has remained over the years is my belt length of gorgeous kente cloth. It has so much grounded energy and is a beautiful piece of functional art.

  5. Wowww! That’s my girl! Classic poem with deep revelations. What intricate African cloth designs used here as a border!! They are really nice and delightful like you! Keep shining and keep smiling. Love you to bits!!! Aunty Bridget.

  6. Unfortunately that symbol of natural heritage seems to be becoming dying art as more people abandon it in favour of generic clothes from popular retail brands so they can fit into the mould the world has created for them. Beautiful poem by the way


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