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Africa Under Siege?

Africa Under Siege?

A sentiment I agree with but only to an extent. It is important to ask ourselves the question: What are we ourselves doing? Why are we allowing this to happen if it truly is? What is the next step forward?

While I do not have answers to these questions obviously, these are ideas I like to toy with. Let’s get the conversation going people. What next?

Recent talk on “neo-colonialism i Africa” is hot in town. It’s a debate I readily engage in and ponder a lot, especially the influx of Chinese in Africa. In a recent report of fastest growing economies in Africa, I was flabbergasted to see that “China” was on the list of top 5 rapidly growing economies in Africa. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Oh my word! they are actually considered whole “economies” in Africa?! I don’t know why I thought such a list will actually only have the name of African economies?

After an interesting conversation with Magatte Wade, Founder & CEO of Tiossano (who also has an excellent TED Talk by the way), she said something that gripped me, and I will try and do justice to my version of it:

Well yeah so China is exploiting Africa, so what? If that’s the case, why is it happening in the first place. I say if China is benefiting from their relationship, then maybe China is doing what it is supposed to be doing. What about us? What are we doing?”

The most recent Ghanaian law passed about Chinese contractors having to employ local people when they are doing business/contract work, excites me. it is time we realized that we too, are a worthy investment, and not just our economic resources.


2 thoughts on “Africa Under Siege?

  1. Once again a good write..

    I am not from where you come from. I am from Botswana and i grew up seeing schools, hospitals or almost every big infrastructure built by Chinese contractors. …

    In my own world, not only did i dislike this , i still continue not to see any logic or any kind of intelligence in it all.

    First of all the , Chinese people do not go with quality but whatever is accessible to finish a job at a very cheap price and very very limited time.. In return our governments or the Commissioning Boards ends up paying this international “supermen” three times if not more than what they ” international contractors” have invested in to the project.

    Then give it few years.. the buildings starts to collapse and repair time comes and at whose expenses again? . Who is a bigger fool may be even morons to be robbed in their own soil for something that cant even stand for long?

    From far of course i kinda appreciate the fact that they are forced by the laws to hire a certain percentage of local labor.. But who are this local people that are hired and what are their qualifications?

    In almost every case.. these people are not learned or certified in any of these trades, so at the end , not only are our people over worked like headless idiots , they are also taken advantage of and with nothing to show for their hard work at the end of the day. They get paid shit….

    ” Well yeah so China is exploiting Africa , so what?…… ” So what?… Really? They are exploiting us and there is nothing economical about it or any course for celebration.

    IT is sad for our governments to give jobs to international contractors and over work its own men for nothing but a friendship which an ordinary man has no idea about….

    Our people literally are working for fucking charity really!!!! and our supermen rewarded highly for monkey trick jobs…

    I feel if our governments wants us to progress and become economically self sustaining , jobs must be created and only be given to local contractors.( After all they build even without qualifications, we also know they can otherwise why make a law to hire them?) .And only if they lack a very “Albert Einstein ” super skill can they them selves collaborate or hire companies our of their choices from our “international friends……. ..”

    mind my grammar…..

  2. True talk. I totally understand your sentiments. I probably did not phrase what she meant correctly. I feel the right question we were asking was “What next?”
    Thanks for your thoughts. Insightful.


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