The Colors Of Africa

Photo Credit – Derek Bacon/Albamy

Red earth

Smoothens the children’s hands

Like the mudhouses and anthills

And the hearts of the ancestral soil.

Orange sun –

Reflected beams of hope

Flames of a thousand tongues

Blaze through the wings of time.

Yellow rain

Of splendor and wealth

And mystic kings and thrones

Buried beneath this golden land.

Green emeralds

Of swamps we bathe our feet in

And crickets singing by the fireside

Of the treasures of a kindred species

Blue winds

Whisperers of grandma’s tales

Of mice and men; of hope and truth

We know not from whence they come

Or whither they go.

Indigo blues

Of generations past and present

Of songs unsung –

Violet petals, velvet jewels

We violate the ancient myth of doom

We violently wage a war on our woes

Fist in the air, Feet stomp, voices rise, We shout in rage!

“We are the colors of the rainbow. This is our sky. No shame within.”

By: Mehitabel tori Markwei

© PoeTori Inc., 2010



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