Statistics that will always make me cringe and and continue to incense my passion for health care improvement in Ghana ….

1. The average doctor/patient ratio of 1: 10,000 in Ghana is far below the standard set by the World Health Organization (WHO), whose figure is pegged at 1:5,000.

2.To meet present requirements Ghana needs 48,000 doctors and with the three medical schools producing less than 400 doctors in a year it will take at least 100 years to meet present standards. There is the need to expand existing medical schools and also establish new ones.

3. Cancer is the 4th leading cause of death amongst Ghanaians. Prevalence of disease due to lack of knowledge/awareness, delayed treatment procedures, lack of funds 7 negative socio-cultural bias.

4. Total Expenditure of Health as a % of GDP – 5.2%

… And so many more. *Sigh*.



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