Africa / Ghana

The Power Of Opportunity

Bill Clinton said, “While talent and intelligence is evenly spread across the world, opportunity is not”. (Time Magazine, Sept. 2012).

His statement of course captures a lot of things I have been mulling over. Like how a few people think some of our stories less remarkable because we were given the opportunity and perhaps, if placed in another context, we might not have been as successful.

My all-time favorite photography blog is by Nana Kofi Acquah, renowned Ghanaian photographer and blogger extraordinnaire. He has a wonderful post on “Why Africa is poor and the mystery of the pyramid” which is definitely a must read! It also happens to be my all-time favorite photo post thus far.

Again, to emphasize the importance of evening the playing field I will quote John Buchan when he says “Our job is not to put greatness back into humanity, but to elicit it”.

You can read more about the inspiration for the First Grader movie here!

I think as entrepreneurs or future leaders of whatever endeavour, we should start thinking of not only meeting needs but creating opportunities!



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