The Lost Generation

Profound. I often ponder about my generation. This cohort of funny intellectuals who control their lives with clicks and LCD monitors. I marvel at what we can achieve – the potential and the uncertainty, and I also shake at how much we can and might miss out on. Community in the sense of the word, is the single most important constant in our humanity. When all our clicking, tweeting, facebooking is done or becomes outdated, the community will thrive and always be there. In fact, all these “social networks” are built on the notion that community is an inevitable want/need.

Watching this video makes me happy. It is enlightening how they simply reverse the script, and then we have an entirely new outcome. The thing that stood out a lot more for me was that the script could be easily reversible and still make sense. It is up to decide in which direction we will have it read. It is important for us to know that reversing the script metaphorically concocts the paradigm shifts that are necessary for this to occur! Realising that the little things or notions such as “African man time” must cease. More so, it comes with learning and identifying for ourselves, what it means to look at the world from an afrocentric point-of-view, whatever that means! The long & short is, the afro-centric view is the only view we can own.

My grandfather, a Latin scholar, made me recite this phrase growing up: “Per adwan ad astra” – Through difficulty to the stars.

Video by: Hearlines, SA



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