Africa / Ghana / PoeTori

Ɛgye Nyame

Grandmother gave me a nugget of gold

Brilliant in the radiant Son and in the rain

An emblem of things gone and things come

A thing of the ears – a mark of sound wisdom

It meant everything in everything,

Ɛgye Nyame …

Father bought a stool and said to me …

My daughter,

Sit in majesty, hold your head high in royalty

Govern the people in love, peace and unity

On this emblem that has gone before you and will go ahead of you

Ɛgye Nyame …

Mama told me a secret,

She said:

My dear,

This is a secret of old,

A mystery of the present,

You must wear it on your ears

Like the nugget grandma gave you

This symbol carries your name – adinkra

Robe yourself in its cloth of responsibility

Stand up tall,

But remember that it was a truth before even time began

When time was not in itself, present

Ɛgye Nyame …

Let he who has ears, hear

Let the kings and princesses who govern on

these stools of gold that hold the souls of the people, listen

“Unless the Lord builds the house

Those who labour, labour in vein

Unless the Lord watches over the city

The watchman watches in vain

Ɛgye Nyame …

Is the secret that brought us thus far

Is the medal we wear around our necks

Is the secret we hang around our ears

Is the law we govern with on our royal stools

Is the testimony we celebrate on our patterned robes.

Is our truth for all ages.

~ Mehitabel Tori Markwei

All Rights Reserved

PoeTori Inc ©, 2012



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