Powerful, whichever way you look at it.

The day we begun a just war against beasts

They despised and cooked our great men in acid seasoned with hate

“We are reacting to reactionaries”, they said

Butchered upright men and threw them into the abyss of history

Cleared multitudes like weeds in a field

Freedom fizzled into oblivion like a dodo

“We are fixing the revolution” they said

Hung heroines like dry beef on gigantic trees

“Yeah this is civilization” they said

In a land of the free we roamed without hesitation

We roam and hunt great beasts like hunter Nimrod to this day

We know what freedom is all about

They preach freedom

Theirs is beast freedom

The freedom to trample on anything smaller

The freedom to trample the villager with black gold

The freedom to trample the house of stone

Freedom to them  is when a brother marries another

When a woman gets rid of nature’s…

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