The world seems silent again. As we die…well, until the next Kony video perhaps.

Spit Sergeant

congo flag
Shhhh There’s A War in Congo: The Deadly Silence
by Satori Ananda
Politics can be overwhelming. The average American isn’t all that familiar with the globe , our geographical education generally consists of a time line of events up to Rome followed by the necessary players in English to American history as the average geography knowledge of students. Most of us only knowing what’s going on around the world in relation to what the media machine is providing content for and in the context predetermined according to the current agenda. When foreign names of world leaders and political players are spoken it’s almost like an invisible fence is created in our minds that provide some sort of false security delusion that ” Americans” aren’t really a part of what is going on … over there.
Wherever “there” may be.
We remain oblivious to the chaos, the conflict or…

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