My Heart Leapt when I read this, yours should too…

Read the following blogpost. It was written by a history teacher from my alma matter, SOS-Hermann Gmeiner Int’l College, Ghana. I was once a part of this vibrant community of students impassioned to change Africa, if only they were given a greater platform to do so. But of course, nothing is too little for a start. I intend to open a causes page or some form of paypal contribution page with my old classmate Andrea Hayford. I say that if we are able to put up this roof, it means symbolically much more than making sure our children’s education does not stand subject to “weather”. I say it means there is power in community. In the youth. In change, we can all believe in. Watch this page for more soon on how you can contribute, but for now, read the Article below, to know what I am talking about!

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 Two students from the school I teach at and our Vice-principal went to visit a school in the great Accra region. Students of Omandjor JHS school have been studying without a roof  for three years now. Too many stories and explanations. Our principal, the students, and a number of parents are commited to putting a roof up by Christmas. Here is the letter requesting for funds…..

Please email me: or my vice principal at: for more information on how you can contribute. Its not enough to get angry, do something about it.


We write to request your material or financial assistance to roof the JHS block of Omandjor Junior High School located in the Ga West District of Accra.

On 24th September 2012, e-TV (a local TV station) showed in one of its news bulletins, a school at Omandjor, a suburb of Accra, where children attend classes in an unroofed structure.  We made contact with e-TV and were given the video clip, which was subsequently shown to the entire staff and students of SOS-HERMANN GMEINER INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE at a school assembly.

The shock written on the faces of the entire school during and after the video was shown explains the urgency with which the entire school is resolved to mobilise to ensure that the structure is roofed as soon as possible.

On 29th of November 2012, two members of the interact club of SOS-HGIC, together with the Vice Principal and another member of staff were mandated by the Principal of the college to embark on a follow up visit to the school and report back to the entire school. We arrived at about 1.30 pm and were saddened at the sight of students studying in the unroofed structure and in the sweltering heat of the scorching sun. Both teachers and students were drenched in sweat and some covered their heads with their books or umbrellas, while still actively learning. We were informed that this has been the situation for the past 3 years and several promises to have the structure roofed have still not been fulfilled. It is indeed unimaginable that teachers and students will endure this ordeal for that long and still have the high enrolment observed. The desire to go to school in spite of the harsh realities under which teaching and learning takes place currently is palpable and reflected in the consistently high school attendance. We intend to fulfil our promise to change the status quo in the shortest possible time and do hope that you will donate generously towards this course.

The school obviously has several other needs but the immediate one is a roof to protect the children from the scorching sun and rain. For this reason, we appeal to you to join us in raising funds to roof of JHS block of Omandjor School and possibly give it an additional facelift. We hope that you share our concern and our vision and are willing to aid this worthy cause.

Yours sincerely,





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