Proud to know this girl. And people like her, who can write things like these.

One. Then More.

Reconsider your role in the political arena. If your only exposure to politics and social policy is the viewing of presidential debates, reading of newspaper articles, or other media outlets, perhaps your perception of what it means to be politically active is flawed. At one point, I believed being politically active meant being knowledgeable of policies, politicians, and the law. However, at this point of my life, I am beginning to reconsider what it means to care about society, specifically about politics. Perhaps our role in the political arena is to challenge it by holding steadfast and working for a cause that is within our hearts.

We may make, “Like”, or comment on Facebook posts that share the Presidential Debates. We may quote politicians and other governmental leaders. We “discuss” our positions with one another. As a result, we subconsciously convince ourselves that our actions facilitate some type of discourse…

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