Domestic Tourism in Ghana & Rwanda’s Women

BBC Broadcast:

I think the voice-over narration is fascinating.

Now to the part you knew I would comment on – Rwanda & Ghana!

Too fascinating to hear all this, not that the other pieces of news are not interesting too! In fact, I think the entire piece is interesting but in the interest of this blog, I will stick to what I can comment on well. 🙂

I believe I have fallen into the category of Ghanaians who are very interested in being “tourists” in their own country. Yes, I want to explore it so much more, feel like I own it, as it has owned my heart.

I often realize, quite shamefully, that like many others, I have perhaps explored other countries way more than my own. In fact, I was surprised at how well I mastered the Parisienne métro in a week, visited almost every world-renowned tourist attraction in Paris (true talk!), got a wealth of insight into Parisienne history (oh my!), and truly feel liek if I ever go back to Paris, I will know my way around, use public transport systems, interact with the locals and really know how to dress so that you don’t look like a visitor! And all it took me was 5-weeks.

In fact, in retrospect, i was sad when i realized I might not be as much of the pro I was in Paris, when it comes to knowing everywhere I wanted to go, with public transport, like the back of my hand! Given, this is also a statement at the differences in the organization of public transportation in both places but still…I will get there. I know I will. 😦

I think the “domestic tourism” wave is a wonderful movement.

Kudos to the initiative! I pray the wave continues.

On Rwanda:

Rwanda seriously is exciting Africa in general! Seriously, apart from the fact that they are building at such a rapid rate the remnant of the 1994 genocide, oh my! , news on Rwanda’s development is more than exciting!

Given, they are fast becoming the West’s “poster-child”, perhaps as a result of feeding their guilt of silence when atrocities were happening, but either way, Rwanda’s development story is progressive, pivotal and an important lesson to Africa and the world.

But more so, the highlight of the piece about Rwanda was when she mentioned that 70% of the population is women! And the women said (I paraphrase) “It is now our turn to rebuild this nation!”.

Wow! again, they have the largest showing of women in parliament than any other nation in the world???! Talk about things we should be proud of, not as feminists, but as people searching to make this world a better place. Also, we should make this a point to make the large representation of women in Rwanda’s government, a testament to the power of women having the ability to do what men can do (or couldn’t do), and justification for the fight for equity worldwide.

I’ll end my spew here. 😀



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