The Most Persecuted Religion in the World.

Article: The Most Persecuted Religion in the World – The Huffington Post.

It’s funny, most of my friends and acquaintances brand me deeply religious/spiritual. I like to think of my “religion” as a relationship/love affair, that makes me a better person in the world we live in. It guards my heart, guides my thoughts, opens up my world to a whole new dimension – be it ethereal or earthly. That said, my best friend once asked me, “Why don’t you post a lot of religious stuff on your blog? Or why don’t you talk as much about Christianity on your blog?” I don’t think I have quite as yet gotten the right answer, I guess I hadn’t even noticed or given this much thought. I am not trying to find excuses here, but perhaps, inadvertently, a few things said in this article might have quietly played a role –“Christians are targeted more than any other body of believers.”

Again, like I said, this isn’t me complaining or ranting. This isn’t me justifying my religion, proselytizing or vilifying other religions, or trying to find an avenue for compromise. God knows I have met some of the loveliest, good-hearted, “non-Christian” friends from all walks of life! What I am saying is, this is good food for thought. A sound conviction. A great avenue for dialogue, and a great platform for me to personally say – I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in the Bible as the unchanging Word of God. I believe it is functional – Living & Breathing. It has helped me in my Life. I have seen God at work in amazing ways! I have been changed and loved by Him. I strive to be not just a better person each day because the Bible instructs me to do so, but because I and many others have derived pleasure from it.  By my “religion/relationship”, I envision making a positive contribution to a better world in desperate need of love, peace, justice and order – be it ideal or not. *Satisfied Smile*

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