Copyright. Metty Markwei. Backdrop design, Sean Markwei.

Copyright. Metty Markwei. Backdrop design, Sean Markwei.

In the picture above, you can perhaps identify most of the faces. You perhaps think you can tell the trajectory to which this blogpost is going. Yes, the picture was designed by me, and I am no fancy artist or technology guru so forgive the lack of symmetry. lol. However, I want to bring your attention to the few faces in the many you do not know. They are lurking in there amongst the sea of faces within our glare. They are all around us. I call them, Everyday Heroes.

So I have been inspired. We all have. You know that feeling you get whenever your heart is settled, innermost peace and conviction that you are part of something greater than your “self”? You know the moment you realize the essence of the word “humanity” and yet feel the magnitude of how humanity’s actions itself tend to supersede our own human constructions and understandings of who we are or what we can do? You know the times you had that one encounter, met that one person, lived that one moment you knew was ‘a moment’ in your history or that of others?

This idea first occurred to me when I visited Ghana this past Christmas break, 2012. I have found that whenever I touch down in my motherland, my muse goes on. I get to writing, I get to talking, I get to exploring a place I have seemingly always known and seen, and yet newly discover and newly venture!

I have also mentioned once that I believe we live in an era of movements and not revolutions. We live in an era where the voices of millions are constantly changing the world in which we live in and not just the voices or actions of one Ghandi, Mandela, Nkrumah or Mother Theresa. We are living in a time of Everyday Heroes. All around us, Amongst us and even Within Us.

Now that I have returned from home, I have  assigned myself a mini-project for 2013, dubbed “Heroes”.  Through the Heroes project, I hope to document each month, the life of someone I deem phenomenal, or whose actions carry some substance, conviction, remind me of some essence, some fundamental truth of life or better still, reverberate in an eternity. Hopefully, these stories I capture here will inspire you as much as they inspire me. Hopefully, the stories of our everyday heroes will turn into something bigger than we imagine…just as they have done for me, because I believe we all need a refreshing story of resilience and hope every once in a while don’t we?! Plus, we all often go about complaining that our stories are not being told properly by the media, and after dialoguing a lot with my grandma (another inspiration for this), I thought, well who is going to tell our stories for us?!

I am going to use this platform also to reflect on my own life as well as those around me – perhaps in doing this project I will get to capture the actual making of heroes the world will one day know, all around us. My publications will take the form of interviews (if given the occasion), videos sometimes, photo-journeys and perhaps just mere musings.

I pray this becomes a go-to spot for you to procrastinate a little at the end of a month’s toil, the way I know it will become for me! Lol.

Watch this space and Enjoy!

~Yours, Metty


One thought on “HEROES.

  1. First, a v. happy birthday with wishes of many more happy years.

    That feeling of being made whole also happens to me each time I touch down, NOT in my native Nigeria but in the little town of my birth in Iju, a Yoruba town in Southwestern Nigeria. Suddenly, I feel I could do anything! Is it because I get more smiles from just about all older faces I see ein the streets even before saying hellos as I take walkabouts? Or is it the familiarity with old landmarks, old houses which haven’t had any additions – structural or decorative since I left in the 50s?

    I’ve never wondered about the transformation until just now when I read of your landing in Ghana and the impetus you got but I’ll just keep embracing and enjoying it as I always have.

    Your project holds promises.



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