Ghanaian Choices/Dilemmas (in the 90s)


So I’m on the brink of making an important decision (yikes!), and yes, I philosophize everything I do! I have just come to the critical moment where my mind has been made and I am currently assessing the consequences of my actions (yikes again!). But in doing all this, it cast my mind back to “a time when there was seemingly not a care in the world”,as everybody alludes to! But in retrospect, trying to think of the “good ‘ol days”, I realize we have always had to make choices! So I have found solace in the fact that I should be a “pro” at this by now (giving myself some props here, woohoo!)

Growing up as a Ghanaian child in the 90s and early 21st century, when things were changing rapidly, we were faced as teenagers with so many options and we had to make choices! If you are that 90s Ghanaian kid who was blessed to be faced with some of these dilemmas or just learning to have a preference  then I hope my inconclusive list resonates with you!!! Please comment and let me know I wasn’t alone in this! 🙂

Like I said, this is a great way for me to convince myself that seriously I’m not the only person in the world who has to make tough decisions, and of course, I’m reassured too that everything will pan out just fine – as that Ghanaian 90s kid transitioned smoothly into the late 2000s!

*Note: Some events below were not dilemmas as they occurred at different times. But it’s nice to think of all the options one has!


  1. Rich Tea vs. Digestive Biscuits
  2. Refresh vs.Kalyppo
  3. Chocomilo vs. Pebbles
  4. Fan Pop (Cola, Orange, Green & the yellow one) vs. Fan Ice, Fan Yogo, Fan Choco.
  5. Muscatella vs.Schwepps (when you go to a special event!)
  6. Milo vs. Lipton
  7. Bournvita vs. Ovaltin vs. Richoco
  8. Planta vs. Blue band
  9. Cerelac (Maize) vs. Cerevita
  10. Banku vs. Sunday afternoon Fufu
  11. Club Orange vs. Fanta
  12. Muscatella vs.Schwepps (when you go to a special event!)
  13. Hi 5 vs. Facebook (towards the middle of the 2000s, I feel this was a dilemma, lol)
  14. Palays Biscuits vs. Malt Biscuits
  15. Ahomka Ginger vs. Original Hacks
  16. Sunlight vs. Keysoap
  17. Matthew’s Fun club vs. On-The-Run Play Area
  18. Steers vs. Papaye
  19. P.K. vs. Mentos (when that was all the pocket money you got!)
  20. Digestive Chocolate Biscuits vs. Ginger Snaps
  21. Agoro vs. It Takes Two
  22. Keysoap Concert Party vs Cantata
  23. By the Fireside vs. Fanworld
  24. “Kwasasa Yo” vs “Kyekyekule”
  25. Don Simon vs. Ceres
  26. Sharpnet vs. Busy Internet cafés.

But on a more serious note (yes, I take things too seriously, lol). Where did ALL these brands goooo??? I don’t know if this is to say anything about the live span of Ghanaian private enterprises or how we don’t patronize are own home-made products well enough, like the Chinese do, and other countries (Case-in-point: How all our telecommunication giants had to sell off to larger multinational companies –> Ghana Telecom’s One Touch became Vodafone? ). These little things add all the flavour (pun-intended) to our culture!

… And there are so many more options I don’t mention here that I think we had. Ultimately, seems like we’ve been in this business of making decisions for ourselves for a long time! So life, I’m sorry to tell you this but, we’ve got this! 😛

~Yours truly ,

That 90s Kid!

~Yours truly ,

That 90s Kid!

* (C) Metty Markwei.




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