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When the sky is not even the limit …

I am literally amazed by all the great vibrant people out there on the continent or abroad doing wonderful things. When I started off this heroes project, I knew I would be more sensitive to the heroic acts I encountered everyday, but boy oh boy, did I not know there were so many, by my watch! Goodness gracious! I have broken my rules and blogged more than once a month! But I guess that’s the beauty of the heroes I document – they beat the stereotypes by breaking the rules … and they make you guiltless of doing same.

Sourced from the BBC: Ghana’s female flying pioneer

Published: 22 February, 2013.

A young woman in Ghana is breaking barriers by becoming the first civilian female pilot trained in her country. Patricia Mawuli, 24, is also the first black African to obtain the “coveted” Rotax Aircraft Engines certificate. She discovered her passion at the age of 19 and now teaches other rural girls how to fly. The BBC’s Focus on Africa programme went to meet her at a flight academy about an hour’s drive from the capital, Accra.


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