BCAY Serve The Nations

For the first time in my life, I have the chance to be part of a 10-day missions trip. This trip is so special to me because it involves the meeting of my two spiritual families thus far – The Black Church at Yale (BCAY) in New Haven, Connecticut, USA & Living Streams International Church (LSI), my home church in Accra Ghana. This kingdom cultural exchange involves intensive community service work at New Horizon Special School (for kids with disabilities), a free medical outreach at the La Mansa-Kpemo area, and several mentorship outreaches by this group of Yalies to a few high schools in Ghana. There are several more activities on the action-packed schedule but I cannot spew all here! We hope, the experience is nothing short of inspiring on both ends. We have an intense, action packed schedule and we indeed look forward to fruitful results.

Kindly follow our journey on our blog –

We bless God for this tremendous and phenomenal opportunity, to be transformed and to be active change agents!



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