“How then, shall we partake of this source of social meaning? Not by pretending to be like the poor; by wearing specially and expensively aged and patched jeans in mockery of their tatters. Why should we add to the insults they already bear? How then? What about renouncing my own experience, needs and knowledge? But could I? And should I? I could renounce needs perhaps, but experience and knowledge, how? There seems no way I can become like the poor except by faking. What I know, I know for good or ill. So for good or ill I shall remain myself; but with this deliberate readiness now to help, and be helped. Like those complex, multivalent atoms in biochemistry books, I have arms that reach out in all directions – a helping hand, a hand signalling fro help. With one I shall touch the earth and leave another free to wave to the skies

~ From Anthills of the Savannah, Chinua Achebe

#My sentiments exactly in figuring out what to do with my education if I return back home. How do I connect with people? How do I convince them my hopes and dreams for my nation come from a sincere place, even though my skin tone may have changed a little, or my Twi and Ga accent seems “tainted by an Americanness”? God help us.


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