Financial transparency in Ghana

It’s amazing how much corruption can do, I tell you. It continues to baffle me how men and women can ravage national coffers, gnawing away at somebody’s future – people’s potential to afford going to school, earning that job, people’s ability to afford food, good health care and ultimately… live their lifes a little. It seriously baffles me how people an be THIS inconsiderate, care less and worry little about a fellow HUMAN BEING’s welfare?

I know the word “transparency” sends shivers down some politicians’ spines but I challenge them all to take a good look at themselves, in the mirror once again. The mirror is not transparent for nothing. The mirror reveals ‘you’ to yourself. The mirror is a reflection of all the blemishes about you that you need to deal with. If you never looked into a transparent mirror, you’ll never have seen the image of yourself.

So to the men and women slowly eating away other people’s futures and stacking up the checks and bills in some bank in Switzerland, the next time you stand in front of the mirror, I pray above all things you don’t run away from its transparency the way you flee from transparency institutions. I pray you brace yourself and are brave enough to witness who/what you look like in that mirror.

~Signed sincerely, a frustrated Ghanaian girl



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