Africa / Ghana


I am increasingly beginning to learn a powerful lesson through daily encounters. It’s always much easier to give in than be persistent. It’s always much easier to contemplate how much of a difference you can make, and then doubt it, than actually go about persevering to make that difference happen. It’s the path of least resistance, and we, as humans, will very readily take it.

There will always be the question of “what good my blogposts achieve or what change they can bring” lingering at the back of my mind. There’ll always be the question of if, when, how we will ever arrive at our expected ends or final destinations, and if so, ‘what exactly is the final destination?” When do we cross our arms, sit back and sigh deeply with relief saying, “Haaa. It was all worth it. This is it. This is the glorious end/finish line I always anticipated for my life?”

You know, at the end of the day, we will never know. We just will never know. But until then, I say that pushing and striving for the things we believe in, is what counts. This is all that matters – what we have, what we know, what we see, what we feel, what we believe in, is all we have. And so if we believe in a Better Ghana for instance, then we fight for it. Because we can never know how Ghana will look like the day we are on our death beds, but we do know now what it is now. We do know what we believe in, what we see, what is attainable, what is within reach … and so we fight for it. A good friend told me only recently “Metty, it’s high time we start celebrating the pursuit of the things we strive for, rather than waiting till the end goal is attained before we celebrate success” (thank you for your wisdom Derick Dailey!). And he is right. Pursuit is everything. Even if we are chasing paper moons, as my dad would say.

So today, after a long day of tiresome labor, deep thought and reflection, I wish to celebrate my and your (yes you who believe in some of the ideals I sprawl on these pages!) idealism. I wish to celebrate the pursuit of those who believe in a better life for ourselves and our kids, a more equitable life, better transparency for our governments, less corruption, more loving and compassionate people, a world where hard work and competence can land you that high profile job you have worked so hard for, and your gender, social class or connections will never be the barometer of your eligibility. Yes, right this moment I celebrate you all, the dreamers, who see things which are not as yet, as though they were (Romans 4:17). For as Ayikwei Armah wrote, “The Beautyful ones are  not yet born“. Dreaming in and of itself, is the pursuit of something reality itself hasn’t seen. So know that you are more powerful than reality, a super hero of sorts perhaps, when you dream.

And so for now, I end my blog post here. Still not knowing if my blogposts will ever achieve anything, but grateful nevertheless for the pursuit of my voice, my space, my platform to talk to the world, an avenue to live.

I’ll end with the words of “Osibisa”, my all-time favorite Ghanaian highlife (oldies) band:

“We are going. Heaven knows where we are going. But we know we will. We will get there, heaven knows how we will get there, but we know we will.”




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