Fixing Maternal Healthcare in Ghana

So I have heard a lot of news lately about the new Maternal Health Channel in Ghana and all that it hopes to accomplish. It’s a novel initiative but I wonder how it aims to penetrate into remote areas, given the possibility of there being an absence of televisions? And then if it does, are there any other cheaper means of communicating the same message? How are we certain, TV scripts will not be interpreted as movies, but will actually be interpreted by the people, the exact ways TV producers anticipate it will? Also, assuming we have increased awareness amongst expectant mothers about the importance of finding a local clinic or delivering with a skilled birth attendant, what facilities have actually been put in place to make sure mothers can make it to hospitals in time? How do they get there? Where are the nearest hospitals? I figure these questions may have already been taken care of, especially for such a project to have won national support and the backing of financial donors, but I stand to be enlightened.

I guess the whole aim of this post is not to question the motives of such a project (they are laudable indeed), but to question what our priorities are, and whether they are long-term and progressive, or just short-term and novel?

Food for thought, I guess.



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