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Waste Management in Ghana

A very novel idea indeed. I will continue to reiterate how marveled I am at how far-reaching the human mind is. wow. I can only pray and hope that this yields brilliant and rapid results. How is the government responding to the live updates from Tariffa? How quickly is it responding to these updates? What is the infrastructure put in place for quick response to reports? What is the smartphone mobile penetration rate in Ghana? Will people in the remotest of regions have access even if they are the ones suffering the most dire crises of sanitation? Also, how is the waste destroyed or eliminated? Where are the incinerators/ are the methods of eliminating the waste environmentally conscious/friendly?

Again, these questions of feasibility are all necessary in assessing the usefulness of such a technological app. It looks like a neat idea in the news, but we all know that the World Bank, WHO and many other transnational agencies have a knack for throwing their monies where “they think” a difference will be made, without adequately consulting the native brain – local engineers, the people who know the terrain well enough to know what will work and what won’t work. We have learnt all too often, that not every breakthrough in the developed world can be transplanted onto our grounds.

Nevertheless, this does not mean to say ‘Taarifa’ is not a good idea. I think it’s brilliant indeed! I just need to see what results it will yield in the next one year, and so as you can trust … I’ll keep my eyes and ears on the ground …. ;D



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