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Fake Medicines in Ghana

I came across this, in all my chain-reading on Africa’s development for tonight (talk about constant procrastination, lol.) So this has definitely been going on for a long time now. Of course, the people who bear the brunt of its impact are those in marginalized societies – the poor, those who live in rural areas, etc.

It is indeed frustrating to see the efforts of hardworking people like doctors, nurses, and other health officials get nullified by counterfeit medicine. This not only sabotages our human capital but eats away at our economy, as a black market.

I think in all our nation-building, it has become extremely important that we become more vigilant. I will use this incidence of finding solutions to fake medicine to say that in order to find concrete solutions to all the duplicity, double-dealing and shadiness going on in our systems we basically need to re-address our notions of checks and balances. We need to really start focusing on what institutional structures we want to build for the long-term. Institutions. We need institutions. We need institutions that will outlive us and still be functional, and still be efficient, and won’t let bureaucracy (‘red-tape’) get the better half of their functionality! Institutions that will check corruption, check transparency, check efficiency…. we need them everywhere and in all industries!

Meanwhile, the Afro-optimist in me, who is becoming more and more aware of the great strides people with innovative ideas like MPedigree, are making on the continent is more than delighted and energized by all this good news.

Kudos and more grease to our elbows.


2 thoughts on “Fake Medicines in Ghana

  1. Good point. What we should also PRAY for is a change in attitude. These institutions will be run by people, and with the current attitude of workers in the public sector, I don’t think these institutions will survive.


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