are like gusts of air in motion

unruly animations of things that should not exist

ungoverned, unmanaged, uncorrected.

They take life from us

and give it to us,

subdue our minds

cower to our brains.

It all starts and ends,

double circulation full

with General Heart –

militaric genius

the only right-winged leftist politician

Jack-Of-All-Trades, Master of None

The doctor who dies with us

or outlives us.

I have found myself wishing more than once

that our human existence

did not have to be governed by these

waves in motion

wordless raison d’êtres,

brainless logic

fits of  truthful fallacies

fantastical realities,

foolish wisdom.

I am reminded that

these emotions,

indocile, irrepressible, incorrigible,

are our winds in motion,

parallel odds,

breaths of life,

salvos of faith,

aged youth,

you, me, them, him, her, us –

our collective sensibilities

assembled individualism

the unifying collage of the human race.

They have very much given us


Metty Markwei

© PoeTori Inc.



2 thoughts on “‘Motion

  1. I enjoyed this poem, especially the heart metaphor. In my view emotions are the part of our behavior that’s not mediated by, and substantially not accessible to, our neocortex, our “thinking brain”. We are an evolved organism, and words, speech, self-awareness, rational calculation, are no more than a few hundred thousand years old. Beneath the neocortex, the earlier brain is still there, still doing its work: sending its “flight-fight-mate” messages. Our bodies are constantly engaged in that IM conversation, of which we’re totally unaware. Unaware, that is, until we read The Happiness Hypothesis, by Jonathan Haidt, the very best book IMHO on this whole issue.


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