Coca-Cola & Zimbabwe – Family???

Saw this advert today from a Zimbabwean friend of mine.

Here we go again with Western paternalism, treating Africans with condescension, the ‘white-man Savior complex’, and feeding stereotypes of African illiteracy, inability to speak English, or even tell the difference between a ‘bottle of coke’ and the ‘essence of a human being’. All of this (and more!) embodied in 2:42 minutes of footage. And it didn’t even cross anybody’s mind in taking the video, editing the video, going through channels of approval that there was something fundamentally wrong with this? I pose these questions as both the black actors and Caucasian ones. Wow. What is this world?

If you don’t feel insulted on all fronts by this advert, then I don’t understand your luck. I don’t even envy it.

If you are not incensed by this video because you think you cannot ‘identify’ with the preposterousness of this video then I am at a loss for words …

If I am not mistaken, the very concept of a bottle of coke being superimposed on ‘brotherhood’ or ‘family’ is an insult to the human race and injurious to the value we place on ‘relationship’ with one another. I rest my case here.

On a better note, never mind this, Happy independence day to all my friends from Zimbabwe! There’s a lot we ought to stand for and fight for.

#From a Ghanaian sister, with much love & hope!!


One thought on “Coca-Cola & Zimbabwe – Family???

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