Hero#4: Dr. Mrs. Davina Markwei

I have been on somewhat of a blogging hiatus. More out of circumstance than by choice. There’s just been a lot to do lately and so little time. I think my next academic year is going to be jam-packed and so this blog might just suffer a little bit – unfortunately. 😦

I’m hoping to dedicate a lot of time to it over the summer though. Perhaps, I would receive a fresh bout of inspiration!

That said, there technically are only a few things that could have brought me out of m y blogging hibernation. The lady I am about to discuss here, is one such person. And yes, if you noticed that our last names are the same, you definitely hit the nail right on the head – She’s my mother. Allow me some space to get personal on my heroes project. I mean, who am I to disregard the people who have been present every single day of my life, building me up to see the beauty in humanity, stay true to my passions and visions and contribute my quota during my tenure here on Earth? So here’s an ode to a woman, who has been a stronghold for my family.

Mother, in every sense of the word. Not only to me but so many others. I often joke with her and say, “Mum, I think you were born a mother. I cannot imagine you having been anything else – like a daughter or granddaughter. I feel like even as a child, you perhaps mothered many of your siblings and cousins or something of the sort!” And I bet it’s true, even though she would often giggle.

I didn’t think it will be so difficult to say everything that needs to be said about her until I started writing this post. She is a wife, mother, sister, friend, community-builder, doctor, preacher, public health outreach guru, church & hospital administrator extraordinnaire! It might be easy for you to say, “well, everyone says this about their mothers, so what’s the difference?”

Well, you may be right on the fact that everyone, who has had the privilege of being nurtured by their mother,  will assert that their mothers are the best in the world, however this is different – My mother is the best that she could be. That’s the difference. I do not need to compare her to anyone else, by using superlatives, because she fully occupies the capacity to be all that she, Davina Markwei, was made to be.  She is the best of her. There can be no other Davina Markwei, and the fact that there can never be another human being that can be her, makes her special and worthy of celebration.

This is a woman who prays for her community and family more than she prays for herself. I kid you not. This is a woman who organizes an annual medical outreach to provide free medical care to people in a community where her church is located, and over the course of the past 8 years has catered to well over 10,000 participants! This is a woman who has done more than I can articulate here, day in and day out. Through a text message, a phone call, a walk, a talk, just by being in contact with her. If there were many more of you in the world, our nations, families, cities, homes and churches will be transformed.

So here’s to a virtuous woman, a role-model, mentor and friend. Especially today on your birthday. Your life is the full embodiment of a God-inspired woman, so sensitive to the needs of the people around her and more; so sincere, so true to her heart and passions; so loving, so firm, so supportive, so beautiful.

I am privileged to be your only daughter. I cherish you. I value being told by other people that, I resemble you. In the years to come, I hope I begin to fully resemble not just your looks, but your character as well.

You are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS loved by me.

Happy Happy 50th birthday!

Here’s a short video documentary of an outreach trip a group of friends and myself took to Ghana. My mother talks halfway through the video about the annual medical outreach! Watch her in action. 🙂


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