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Hero #5: Paapa hMensa.

This is a video by my friend Paapa a young Ghanaian, who is amazing and talented in so many ways. This song is profound in that the music is not only in tune with the lyrics, but harmonious with the message. The riffs are just where they need to be, to take you on the journey of self that only music can explain. The pitch changes at the points where the tonality of the message changes, and the musical range itself? An excavation of limitless possibility. And I guess this is the essence and meaning of the song.

This song came up on my playlist today, and I just thought, ‘Why haven’t I put this up here?” And I realized, that this is the thing about “everyday heroes” and the actual reason why I started this project on the blog – Our heroes really do exist all around us. They are everywhere and occupy every space. The only problem is we are blinded by their light and so when we get too close we, as human as we are, often forget to acknowledge them. So here’s to a great musician and good friend. You and the things you stand for, deserve a standing ovation.

For Paapa and the any other folks out there trying to do something ‘different’, taking all the risks to explore new ideas, novel concepts without fear, not taking the risk is the largest risk in itself, that blocks opportunities. Risks are supposed to open up windows of possibility. So for the many other Paapa’s out there defying convention …

Don’t Stop Believin’. 🙂

PS: For more information on Paapa’s music visit: , ,


One thought on “Hero #5: Paapa hMensa.

  1. Hei, Metty,

    You are right; we must open our eyes and our senses all the time and we can find heroes in the most unlikely places in unlikely people.



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