Word Flow…

We are forlorn bodies

Lingering over the barbed wires of time




From our journey of a thousand miles that begun

As a rat race of sorts,

Of mice and men

We hang …

Waiting for our remnant bodies to


Our forsaken energies to return.


We are the “mules uh de world” *

Carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders

Everyone’s hopes, dreams, future, goals, aspirations

We give all the love we got, ain’t nothin’ left to spare for


We give all the time we have, ain’t nothin’ left to spend with


We surrender it all, every passing second and breath,

Withholding nothing. *



We are desperate hands

Of the second clock

Marking time for

Realized dreams, languid hopes

Forlorn fears,

For a time o’clock we know so well

Yet cannot tell.

We are waiting

Like the market women who plucked

the ripe corn husks from the maize-bush

Only after the harmattan windschave passed

We are waiting for yes-es and more


For acceptance and assurance

For a certainty and finality.

~Copyright, PoeTori Inc.

(December 31st, 2013)



* “mules uh de world” ~ direct reference to Zora Neale Hurston’s “Of Mice and men”

* “Withholding nothing”  ~ direct reference to William McDowell’s new soundtrack. That’s been my worship steeze for a while now. 🙂



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