Redefining Faith? – No, Reimagining It.

Bible-4 I realize that here on this blog, I have not been  as vocal about my faith as I ought to. Especially  since my faith in God, and Jesus being the one  true living Son of God, not only guides my  actions – the way I love on people, the way I  think about impacting the world, the way I wish  to infuse my faith in my profession(yes, for  Christ is the healing balm of Gilead!), the way I  hope to be a better sister, friend, mother,  daughter, lover, wife, minister, physician,  leader in fields of health and public affairs  (administration, etc.), some day. I realize that not being vocal about my faith on this blog, which aims to share my thoughts with the world, give people a glimpse into who I am (since many of my friends who encouraged me to start sharing my thoughts accused my perspective on issues as always being a mystery to them!), I am being dishonest.

So I asked myself, “Metty, what do you fear the most?”. Do you fear that your opinions will become less accepted by your audience? Do you fear that your positionality will become tainted by the fact that you are so deeply in love with a God of love, wisdom, hope, abounding grace and compassion? Do you fear you will be judged a ‘fanatic’ and some of your salient points, less believable or with less weight? And if all your fears do prove true, then what? What does it mean for you as an individual? What does that make you? What does it do for you? Is it worth short-changing someone’s opportunity to probe a little further into who God is and what Jesus is about for? Is it worth sacrificing your peace of mind and sanity for? Is it worth relinquishing a possible avenue for debate, for asking deeper questions, for being challenged, for searching for more “lux et veritas” ~ light and truth? Nevertheless, to be fair and completely clear, I do not think I was ever hesitant about being vocal about my faith. No. Quite to the contrary, my friends will tell you I definitely do not mount tables to proselytize but I am pretty confident in my faith, and many of my non-believing friends have grown to appreciate that about me. They have learnt to discern when my voice in a situation is being driven from a place of inspiration from my faith, when my convictions are being guided by my faith, and when my actions are my attempt to repatriate the love I believe Christ showers on me each day! 🙂

Metty, what has got to give? Or in other words, what are you already giving up by staying silent? And is it worth it? Bible says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter” and the honor of kings to search it out” (Prov. 25:2). I believe just as the world preaches Christianity to be intolerant of worldly values (which honestly, given the statistics of persecuted Christians everywhere and Christians who are completely thrashed in the media and boardrooms just because of their faith, seems a pretty bizarre claim to me, but I dunno, I might just be twisted. O.o?), the world needs to make room for Christianity as well and be tolerant of it, because quite honestly, it is going nowhere. Says the Good Book that has been preserved over 2,000 years and still governs much of life today in spite of attempts to burn it all down, extinguish it, do anything to dilute it, kill it, destroy it, and every other way to kill a religion I am not mentioning because I honestly don’t know! lol. My one challenge to the claim that God is false and the Bible is false, will be to encourage people to prove it. Prove the claim that God is false, and that the Bible is a fallacy/flawed manuscript.  I am no theologian, I am no versatile apologetic; heck! I’m not even near close to being a Philosophy major (although I must say, Anthro cuts and pastes from that tradition, lol, yet still, medical anthropology), hence my inability to prove that God is real, or how deeply my faith adds value to my life might be the consequence of my actions – ill-choices other than those above that might have put me in better positions to navigate these arguments or controversies (lol! Here again, forgive my tongue-in-cheek, I have no regrets about my choices above, lol).And to forewarn my readers, I do not anticipate this space to be a space for debate/apologetics. Nope. To be sincere, I just wanted an outlet to draw connections between my faith and the things I mull over on this blog; to make sure I am capturing my reflections and monitoring my growth in this faith journey, and of course, as always, the added benefit of receiving feedback, perspective and encouragement from fellow believers and non believers!

One thing, however, I do know for sure; I am a daughter of the Most high God, an ambassador of light, yearning to really contribute to God’s ultimate plan of healing a broken, broken world, in any little way I can. And with that mandate, I sign off:

In Faith,

In Hope,

In Love,

In Him.

~ Metty. 🙂





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