It’s time for Africans in America to identify with African-Americans


Always been my sentiment. I’m glad someone could articulate things well. I have often found myself embarassed by the lack of solidarity amongst black people in the diaspora. There are converging and diverging points in all our narratives, fair enough, we cannot short-change our own lived experiences but that should not blind us or make us extra apathetic to the lived experiences of others.


One thought on “It’s time for Africans in America to identify with African-Americans

  1. Thanks, Ms. Merkwei for bringing sharing this v good essay with your readers.

    The power that such support to our brothers and sisters in Diaspora, and the resulting unity would mean all around would be immeasurable.

    It is true that most Africans jump to the same kind of conclusions that the dominant culture arrives at without ever giving thought to the whys and hows African-Americans are weighed down – try as they might – by the legacy of slavery. For example, a policeman once stopped me for a lane change violation, an offense that would, or at least could have earned me at the MINIMUM a ticket but all I got was a mere return of my driver’s license once the officer heard my accent after checking the license.

    We are fighting the same battle – not necessarily “enemy/enemies”- because we become our own enemies when we put a gulf between ourselves, a “battle” that neither side can gain from.


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