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Dear God, We realize that we stand surrounded with the mountains of love and we deliberately dwell in the valley of hate. We stand amid the forces of truth and deliberately lie. We are forever offered the high road and yet we choose to travel the low road. For these sins O God forgive. Break the … Continue reading

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“During colonialism, struggles were fought, exhaustingly, on so many fronts — for equality, for justice, for freedom — by politicians, intellectuals and common folk alike. At the end of the day, when liberty was won, we found that we had not sufficiently reckoned with one incredibly important fact: If you take someone who has not … Continue reading

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I am reminded today how much I love Ghana. Home is where the heart is, they say. Therefore we carry home in us wherever we go. If we abandon home, we abandon our very own hearts. I don’t see a life, without a heart. You might as well be a dead body. Continue reading