Word Flow…

We are forlorn bodies Lingering over the barbed wires of time Languid Flaccid Parched From our journey of a thousand miles that begun As a rat race of sorts, Of mice and men We hang … Waiting for our remnant bodies to recover Our forsaken energies to return.   We are the “mules uh de … Continue reading



Emotions are like gusts of air in motion unruly animations of things that should not exist ungoverned, unmanaged, uncorrected. They take life from us and give it to us, subdue our minds cower to our brains. It all starts and ends, double circulation full with General Heart – militaric genius the only right-winged leftist politician … Continue reading

Africa / PoeTori

God’s Bits Of Wood

I am feeling  “artistically playful” tonight, so I have decided to string together and condense a seem of excerpts (the ones I found most powerful), from different parts of Ousmane Sembène’s  “God’s Bits of Wood” (a favorite), into a poem. Call it artistic or not, I give credit to the man whose words I have only lifted and decided to juggle into a … Continue reading