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God’s Bits Of Wood

I am feeling  “artistically playful” tonight, so I have decided to string together and condense a seem of excerpts (the ones I found most powerful), from different parts of Ousmane Sembène’s  “God’s Bits of Wood” (a favorite), into a poem. Call it artistic or not, I give credit to the man whose words I have only lifted and decided to juggle into a … Continue reading


Declaration of Intellectuals & Scholars About the Destruction of Manuscripts in Timbuktu.

BY: The Africa Report, Posted on Wednesday, 30 January 2013 00:38 We, intellectuals of the African continent and its diaspora and our colleagues from the Americas, Asia, and Europe, reunited in Dakar for the Symposium Afrika Nko, protest the destruction and vandalizing of ancient manuscripts kept in the Ahmed Baba Institute of Timbuktu. This act of … Continue reading