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Dear God, We realize that we stand surrounded with the mountains of love and we deliberately dwell in the valley of hate. We stand amid the forces of truth and deliberately lie. We are forever offered the high road and yet we choose to travel the low road. For these sins O God forgive. Break the … Continue reading

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God’s Bits Of Wood

I am feeling  “artistically playful” tonight, so I have decided to string together and condense a seem of excerpts (the ones I found most powerful), from different parts of Ousmane Sembène’s  “God’s Bits of Wood” (a favorite), into a poem. Call it artistic or not, I give credit to the man whose words I have only lifted and decided to juggle into a … Continue reading


No words, Deep Sadness – Connecticut School Shooting. I have often heard it said that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”(Martin Luther King Jnr.). When we heard the news of the shooting today, we were filled with a sullen sadness. My school is only a few minutes away from Newtown – the site of the incident. I sat in the … Continue reading