Drugs For Life; Subcultural Identity

Drugs For Life; Subcultural Identity

Watch: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01r0h4r BY: BBC Video Documentary, Think Aloud. Here’s a short video interview with anthropologist Joseph Dummit, author of the book “Drugs For Life” in which he tackles  the pervasiveness of America’s pharmaceutical market in its economy and society. Dummit explores in detail, America’s increasing medicalization and the emergence of the ‘expert patient’ who shifts the … Continue reading

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Fake Medicines in Ghana

I came across this, in all my chain-reading on Africa’s development for tonight (talk about constant procrastination, lol.) So this has definitely been going on for a long time now. Of course, the people who bear the brunt of its impact are those in marginalized societies – the poor, those who live in rural areas, … Continue reading